Blue Orange Games was founded in 2000 by Julien Mayot and Thierry Denoual in San Francisco, California. As a company, we are committed to helping family and friends create timeless memories around a great game.

Blue Orange Games has earned a reputation for creating award-winning products with strong play values. Our games are born from many sources, but we develop, design, and promote them in-house. We want our games to be enjoyed by families for years to come, so every Blue Orange game must be easy to learn, fun to play, and engaging for a wide range of ages.

Our first game, Gobblet!, was invented by Thierry during a flash of inspiration in a coffee shop in the late 90s. After consulting chess masters and mathematicians, and hiring a wood worker, Denoual partnered with Julien Mayot to bring the wooden strategy game to the market. Julien loaded an old Jeep with 1,000 games and embarked upon a three month road trip that took him 22,000 miles across the United States. This trip resulted in 500 store visits and the sale of 10,000 copies of Gobblet!

The partners, both natives of France, named their new business Blue Orange Games, a reference to the surrealist poem by Paul Eluard, “The Earth is Blue Like an Orange”. The pair felt the name was in line with their vision of a harmonious planet.

Over a decade later, Gobblet has sold over a million copies and Blue Orange is an industry-acclaimed company with games that are sold in countries all over the globe. Our products can be found at more than 3,000 independently owned stores in the United States, as well as large chains like Barnes and Noble, Fred Meyer, Target, and Toys"R"Us.

Each year we pay homage to the road trip that started it all and continue the Blue Orange tradition of visiting our retail customers in person. Taking the time to visit each store has allowed us to create strong relationships with our retail partners. In-store game nights and conversations with customers and players alike play a key role in our creativity, and the interactions inspire new games, improvements, and mutually beneficial marketing actions.

Looking towards the future with an eye for constant innovation, we are dedicated to our mission of bringing Hot Games to a Cool Planet.