Spot it! NHL®
Ages 7 to ADULT
2-8 Players

Whether you are a die-hard hockey fan or you just want to break the ice, Spot it! NHL® is for you. Hockey themed symbols give this collectible Spot it! edition its cool edge. To become one of the Greats of the game, be the first to spot the match. Officially licensed by the National Hockey League, this hockey card game contains the logos of every NHL® team. Have a blast skating through all 5 mini-games: make that “Sweet Pass,” avoid “The Penalty,” and score in “The Net.”

  • Visual Perception
  • Focus
  • Reaction Time
Play Time:  15 minutes
  • 55 Cards
  • Illustrated Rules
  • Dr. Toy 10 Best Games
  • Dr. Toy Best Vacation Children’s Products
Item # 00413